Pisa Tower Stacked High Flying Chess Table Toy

Wooden Pizza Tower Stacked High Balance Flying Chess Building Block Toy Interactive Early Childhood Education Board Game Toys


Name: Pisa tower stacked high flying chess table toy Term: 100!% brand new (high quality) Material: wood, ABS plastic Packaging: 1 set in Opp bag Age range:> 3 years Features: Cultivate baby's concentration, parent-child interaction, children's table games

Gameplay Introduction:

1. pizza tower stacked high: Throw the dice, and from the piled tower, take the bricks with the same color as the dice facing up. You can invite your friends to play together and accept a small penalty when the building block collapses. 2. (1) Flying chess game: 4 blocks per person, roll the dice to determine the number of steps forward; (2) During the progress of the chess piece, when there is already an enemy piece staying, you can move the enemy The pieces return to the base one by one; (3) If the pieces travel to a cell of the same color and connected by a dotted line, you can jump to the same color cell at the other end according to the dotted line; (4) When a piece reaches the end, the piece The pawn cannot move any more. When all 4 pieces arrive, it is a victory.

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