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Creative Strip Puzzle Submarine Steamer Wooden

The Montessori jigsaw puzzle includes 32 double-sided puzzle sticks that form 8 unique patterns: Bear, Red Ibis, Mouse, Toucan, Elk, Panda, Tighe, and Lion.

Complete the patterns by sorting out the background colors and arranging them in the correct order. Through sorting and grasping, kid’s color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor ability will be improved. Also, make it more challenging by taking it as a stacking game.

Creative strip puzzles can not only find the joy of life, but it is also convenient for the baby to grasp, the color is bright, and it stimulates the baby to recognize the sensory development of color. Use it to teach colors, animals, and counting, exercise fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

The animal jigsaw set comes with 8 set animal patterns, one wooden puzzle tray, and a colorful storage box. There are 8 transport illustrations in total, lightweight, fine quality, completely safe for kids.

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